About Chaz Kerschner

Power of Photography

My fascination with the power of images has spanned more than 50 years of my life. Images are visual poetry to me, and I surround myself with them as a way of keeping in touch with the things most important in my life -

You will find many of these subjects in my photo galleries and automotive art galleries.

One Photographer’s History

Chaz Kerschner PhotographerI developed my photographic passion and skills from working and traveling with my father, Stanley Kerschner, who was a photographer for his entire life. My photography education began when I was just tall enough to reach my father's photographic Chaz Kerschnerchemical processing trays from a stool.

Our combined photographic archives extend back to the 1920's. After a long career in government service and travel to many parts of the world, I focused my love of discovering, recording, and producing visual images into a full-time vocation.

Explorations in Photography and Automotive Art

I like to explore my unknowns, whether it be new skills or artistic outlets, or new knowledge of history or geography or something completely random that catches my eye during my ceaseless exploration of the media.

I often undertake new Projects as they appear in my “unknowns”. I share these activities with you through my Current Projects page and my Automotive blog, as well as through my frequently updated photo gallery and automotive art gallery, so please return to view these frequently changing pages.

I offer my imagination, creativity, archives, and services, through this Website.