Current ChazImages Projects

In addition to my photographic interests I am also a history buff. I enjoy reading histories and biographies, visiting historical sites, and simply uncovering the history of even the most obscure places. I think it must have something to do with the fact that once we get old enough, we discover that we have actually become a part of history!

The Automotive Art Sculpture gallery is evolving

Given that background and historical context, I have begun to look at my Automotive Art Sculpture gallery in a different way. I have realized that some of my images already reflect a historical context for that vehicle. But, to date, that representation has only been based on my personal experience with that car.

Now comes the interesting and fun challenge. The images are beauties. The cars themselves represent some of the finest automotive design in history. Because they are so striking, they have endured and they have been appreciated, coveted, owned, driven, raced, and shown by those who recognized and could afford their uniqueness. Each has become an interesting and fascinating part of history. Words may describe their place, but my challenge will be to represent their history in the image.

Stay tuned .. monitor the Automotive Art Sculpture gallery ... and let me know how well the images manage to express the history of each vehicle.