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ChazImages ships via land, air and Internet. Please see my Fine Art Prints page for details on my many photograph sizes, mats, print options and digital files.
A cart is now available for your shopping convenience. Payment options include credit card or Paypal. Email me for other payment options.
In order to purchase your image, note the name of the image found below the image in the gallery view, at the end of the file hierarchy string above the expanded view of the image, or at the bottom of the image in a slide show if the “Show More Info” feature has been invoked. Enter that name in the appropriate "Enter Image name" box below. I will email you a confirming screen shot of the image before filling your order.

Print Fees

Unmatted Prints

            Print               Fee     

            10x8               $30
            14x11             $60
            19x13             $85

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Matted Prints

(White or black core, acid-free mats)

            Print               Mat size          Single mat      Double mat

            10x8                14x11              $50                  $60
            14x11              20x16              $80                  $90
            19x13              24x20              $100                $110

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Framed Prints

(Flat Black metal frame, photographic acrylic glazing; other styles on request)

            Print               Frame size      Single mat      Double mat
            10x8                14x11              $160                $170
            14x11              20x16              $225                $235
            19x13              24x20              $285                $300

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Short dimension is nominal and dependent on artistic presentation.

Digital Image Licensing

Please contact me for digital image licensing. I can provide online transfer services, and I offer my stock images for one-time or unlimited licensing.

Shipping and Payment

Domestic shipping - $10.
Orders over $100, free domestic shipping.
Please contact me for international shipping.

Immediate availability with PayPal payment.
Next-day shipping.

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Phone: 301-718-0039