About Chazimages.com

My blog and my website http://www.chazimages.com focus on two major passions in my life, cars and photography. How lucky can a person be, combining both of these passions into a career focus! I have spent many years moving within the world of cars. My interests have included racing, autocrossing, rallying, repairing, restoring, modeling, admiring, reading about,watching, and collecting, and I have always had a camera nearby to record and enshrine the most exciting moments. And I guess now I must say I have added writing about cars to that list.

I have had a driver’s license for exactly 50 years. That has been plenty of time to collect a lot of interesting experiences with cars. I hope to share many of them with you. And I think that the future will be fascinating for cars as well. There are many challenges and technologies that will drive radical changes in cars as we know them; but I’m convinced there will always be cars for the gearhead in the mix. So I plan to write about the future too.

Let’s get a dialog going, there are too many cool automotive ideas not to share!