Vehicle build sheet

Vehicle build sheet

I discovered a fortunate historical footnote when I dropped the gas tank on the Vette.  A copy of the original build sheet was attached to the top side of the tank.  I felt a bit like an archaeologist breaking open an old Egyptain wine vessel and discovering an ancient papyrus.  GM used some darn good glue to attach the sheet to the tank; all my efforts to remove the sheet without destroying it were unsuccessful and I’m guessing the Smithsonian would laugh me out of the building if I took the tank to them and asked them to remove it.  Well, at least I have some clear pictures of the sheet, and the data certainly corresponds to equipment on the car.

Replacement of the entire fuel line is not going to happen.  GM cleverly routed a large part of the line inside of the boxed frame rail.  Great for off road excursions, but impossible to replace, short of a “body off” restoration.  Fortunately that line is in very good shape.  So, only the flexible lines and the fuel pump will be getting replaced.

Two questions for knowledgable readers:  Does anyone know of a trustworthy, within driving distance, cleaner/restorer of fuel tanks?  And can anyone recommend a powerful solvent that works well for cleaning “in place” fuel lines?

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