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Garage Envy — the best of times?

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Even in these difficult economic times it’s hard to look at the current crop of automotive magazines and not conclude that it may be the best of times for an enthusiast with Garage Envy.

The big auctions have done well so far this year, the autoshows have produced a reasonable outpouring of technically interesting new cars, and the car magazines are giving plenty more pages to desirable collector cars.  Autoweek has “Escape Roads” and the “Market”. Automobile has “Upshift”,  Road and Track has “Peter Egan” (a classic himself),  Vintage Motorsport has  “Racing Across the Block”, and of course Hemmings Motor News is cover to cover (more than 500 pages) classics.


There are plenty of classic cars surfacing these days.  But then again maybe that is a sign of the difficult times, with the owners in need of cash more than a dream ride.  However you look at it, there is currently plenty out there to look at and develop Envy for.  Problem is, some of them are actually beginning to look affordable.  Quick, put a lock on my bank account!


While your unfulfilled lust is threatening your bank account you should look at if you want to satisify it without spending your next mortgage payment.